Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain) received an oil money love call from Saudi Arabia. The amount guaranteed annually is astronomical.

Saudi Arabia wants to bring Messi after Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr). To this end, the government is actively supporting Al-Hilal. Earlier this month, Messi was offered 400 million euros (approximately 573.9 billion won) in revenue for one year, including annual salary.

An offer that could not be refused was delivered one after another. As Messi still did not give a definite answer, he recently increased it to 500 million euros (approximately 717.4 billion won). Chairman Jaume Loures, who leads the European football broadcasting authority Mediapro, appeared on the Spanish broadcasting Cadena Serre and said, “Al-Hilal has increased Messi’s annual amount to 500 million euros.”

Messi has stated that he won’t sign a contract with anyone until the end of this season. However, it is doubtful whether Saudi Arabia will be able to refuse easily as it is waiting with a bundle of money. Messi considers staying in Europe his number one priority, but the only place he is currently interested in is Barcelona, ​​his parents’ home.

Barcelona is also active. Barcelona recently offered Messi an annual salary of 25 million euros (about 36.1 billion won) until 2025. It’s the best for Barcelona, ​​which is in a bad financial situation. Compared to Saudi Arabia, it’s a terrible level, but it’s a special place for Messi, so I still seem to be inclined.

Barcelona must step up. Spanish media ‘Marca’ listed what Barcelona will do to sign Messi on the 19th (Korean time). Quite a lot. It shows the path that is not easy to sign with Messi.

Marca said, “President Joan Laporta has to meet Messi in person. Although he congratulated the World Cup and French Ligue 1 victory, it is not enough to send a message.” We have to face to face,” he said.

It is also a mission to instill confidence along with money. The media explained, “Messi is more interested in sports projects than the money he can earn in Barcelona. You can see Barcelona’s ambitions.”

In fact, it is not all about agreeing with Messi. Barcelona have to prove their financial stability. Marca also said, “Messi negotiations depend on the Primera Liga secretariat. When Barcelona recruits Messi, they have to show financial feasibility for a happy ending.” With the departure of Atletico Madrid) and Sergio Busquets (FA transfer), the salary will decrease, but more releases are needed.”

By Julian

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